5th Ave, Braddock, PA

Predictive power of Home Energy Score (HES) methodology was first deployed in a project between Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh and Tri-COG Land Bank, who jointly committed to achieving high energy efficiency in a vacant home renovation in Braddock. 

The initial pre-construction energy audit of this 2 BR home showed the predicted Energy Use Intensity of 152 kBTUs/sf/y, total energy at 187 MBTUs, and energy cost ~$2,140 per year. For the modeling, we assumed all windows and doors were present. The house received a HES of 1, the lowest possible on the efficiency scale. It had an ancient heating system, and no insulation anywhere.

Intervention included dense-packing cellulose insulation in the walls, deployment of thermal and air barrier envelope throughout the attic, quality assurance, and selection of high-performance heating and cooling equipment. 

Now, the house is all electric, and the post-construction energy audit predicts Energy Use Intensity of 35 kBTUs/sf/y, total energy at 89 MBTUs, and energy cost of ~$1179 per year. HES score is 9, on the scale of 1-10. The project shows not only how we can decrease the environmental impact of a home, for many years to come, but also how the reduced energy costs can help lower-income families build equity.



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